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    PhD School
    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kriwet
    Head of EvoMoRG

    Vertebrate Palaeontology

    Short Biography

    Dr. Sebastian Stumpf
    Postdoctoral Assistant
    Mesozoic Chondrichthyes
    Dr. Giuseppe Marramà
    Research Associate

    Evolution of Chondrichthyans
    Dr. Cathrin Pfaff
    Head of micro-CT Lab
    Research Scientists

    Evolutionary and functional morphology in vertebrates

    PhD Students
    Manuel Amadori
    PhD student
    micro-CT Technician

    Evolutionary history of the enigmatic shark, Ptychodus (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii)
    Arnaud Begat
    PhD student

    Elasmobranch fish (sharks, skates, and rays) diversity patterns before extinction events
    John J. Cawley
    PhD student
    (FWF P29796)

    Evolutionary success of pycnodontiform fishes (Actinopterygii, Neopterygii)
    Carlos De Gracia
    PhD student
    (SENACYT Panama)

    Cretaceous Fossil Record of NorthernSouth American fishes (Actinopterygii) in Global context During the Oceanic Anoxic Events/i>
    Patrick Jambura
    PhD student
    (FWF P33820)

    Evolution and extinction risks of sharks, rays, and skates
    Claudia Klimpfinger
    PhD student

    Early ontogeny and evolutionary patterns in chondrichthyan fishes
    Faviel López Romero
    PhD student
    (University Assistant)

    Developmental aspects of cartilaginous fishes (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii)
    Julia Türtscher
    (FWF P33820)


    Evolution and extinction risks of sharks, rays, and skates
    Jaime A. Villafaña Navea
    PhD student
    (CONICYT Chile)

    Diversity and diversification patterns of Cenozoic elasmobranchs

    MSc Students
    Grzegorz Gorczyński
    MSc student

    Fossil record of Antarctica teleostean fishes and the origin of ice-fishes
    Judith Jackwerth
    MSc student

    Comparative osteology of pufferfishes (Actinopterygii, Tetraodontidae)
    Katharina Holzinger
    MSc student

    Cranial morphology of a new crocodyliform from the Late Cretaceous Gosau Fm., Austria
    Lilith Mathiaschitz
    MSc student

    Comparative morphology of the skeleton of Glaucostegus (Rhinopristiformes, Glaucostegidae)
    Patrick Prüß
    MSc student

    GM as a tool for cryptic species differentiation in the West African slender-snouted crocodile, Mecistops spp.
    Florian Schläffer
    MSc student

    Growth patterns and ontogeny of Late Cretaceous dinosaurs from Austria
    Manuel Staggl
    MSc student

    Cranial development of the whitespotted bambooshark, Chiloscyllium plagiosum
    Kim Stroben
    MSc student

    Evolutionar history of somniosid sharks (Chondrichthyes, Squalomorphii)

    BSc Students
    Pia Balàka
    BSc student

    Anthropogenic impacts on elasmobranch fishes
    Moritz Leonardelli
    BSc student

    Early Evolution of sauropodomorph dinosaurs
    Hannah Kristin Lüth
    BSc student

    Reconstructing the Campanian living world of Austria
    David Offenberger
    BSc student

    Dental morphologies and taxonomic identity of † "Isurus " hastalis
    Stefan Philipp
    BSc student

    Dental patterns of Campanian ornithischian dinosaurs from Austria