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    PhD School

    Teaching Statement

    Anticipated Teaching Tasks

    We provide high quality teaching within any academic curriculum, ranging from introductory levels in Geology, Palaeontology, and Biology to specialized courses in our fields of expertise such as analytical courses including phylogenetic, diversity, and palaeobiogeographic methods as well as anatomy of vertebrates.

    Teaching Philosophies

    Our teaching philosophy relies on tracing and further developing of individual student skills based on careful evaluations of the curriculum previously followed by students to fill gaps but also to support individual expertises and interests. Consequently, our main goal in teaching student classes is to guide and accompany students on their way to successfully finish their grades and projects. Postgraduate student guidance is based on an individual project in accordance with the Department's targets.

    Courses Winter Term 2020/21

    280008 VO BA-ERD-6 Biology (NPI)
    280055 VO MA-ERD-1 Current Advances in Earth Sciences (NPI)
    280075 VU MA-ERD-P-3 Functional Morphology (PI)
    280095 PR MA-ERD-W-1.3 Individual Research Project Geology, Paleobiology and Geobiology (PI)
    300144 UE Comparative morphology and evolution of basal vertebrates
    300163 PP Form and function of organisms - Participation in the workgroups
    300192 UE Exercise to Palaeodiversity of Vertebrates - Niedere Vertebrata
    450006 SE Topics in Palaeontology (PI)

    For more information visit: Course directory or contact juergen.kriwet@univie.ac.at